The Benefits of On-Premise and Cloud-Based Identity Resolution Systems

Identity resolution is necessary to create a 360-degree view of customers, partners, suppliers and others. Learn about the benefits of on-premise vs cloud-based identity resolution systems.

The Benefits of On-Premise and Cloud-Based Identity Resolution Systems

Data is the lifeblood of any data-based organization, and to be successful, companies must be able to accurately identify customers, partners, and suppliers in their data environments. This includes large local, hybrid, multi-cloud, and cloud-based data ecosystems. To ensure that identities are accurate and compare them with those of individuals or organizations that commit fraud, identity resolution is necessary. Identity resolution is the process of accurately associating data with the people who interact with your business.

It makes your information more reliable, improves customer service, improves operational efficiency, and increases the reliability of data analysis. It can help you detect fraud, identify your best customers, and improve customer contact methods. Organizations must ensure that identities are accurate and compare them with those of individuals or organizations that commit fraud. Real-time identity data search: Identity resolution can help you generate intelligent searches, regardless of the missing source data.

Improved decision-making: Base business decisions on complete, accurate, consistent and current identity data. To address the increasing scale and complexity of identity data, AI-based matching algorithms are critical to successful identity resolution. Cloud computing differs from local software in one fundamental way. A company hosts everything internally in a local environment, while in the cloud it is hosted by a third party provider.

Companies that operate primarily on premises will find local identity management more useful. In many ways, the benefits of identity and access management in the cloud coincide with the benefits of cloud solutions in general. For information on the Defender for Identity licensing requirements, see the Defender for Identity licensing guide. Defender for Identity network name resolution captures traffic and events, learns and profiles users and computer activities on the network.

Learn how to maximize the value of managing your master data with Informatica's identity resolution solution. Identity and access management in the cloud is still being improved, optimized and developed and, as a result, it is a technology that is becoming increasingly secure, reliable and robust. Defender for Identity supports the activation of Kerberos shielding, also known as a secure flexible authentication tunnel (FAST), with the exception of bypassing hash detection, which does not work with Kerberos Armoring. The Defender for Identity sensor can cover most virtual domain controllers.

To determine if the Defender for Identity sensor is right for your environment, see Defender for Identity Capacity Planning. Health care: Identity resolution is critical to ensuring that appropriate care is provided to the right patient. With so much volume and variety of data, how can you be sure that your customers, partners and suppliers are accurately identified in your systems? With identity resolution software, you have a centralized system for resolving identities in all your data and applications.

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