Unlocking the Benefits of Identity Resolution

Discover how identity resolution can help your brand create accurate unified customer profiles personalize omnichannel interactions detect fraudulent transactions comply with GDPR & CCPA regulations improve sales productivity & more.

Unlocking the Benefits of Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is the foundation of modern digital interaction, as it allows organizations to create accurate and unified customer profiles that encompass behavior and transactions across multiple channels and devices. It is also commonly known as multi-device identification and underpins the customer's unique vision. Reltio Identity 360 is the basis for discovering information: connecting data to the profile in a very succinct way with connected graphics technology, organizing them according to relationships and interactions with consumers (with the brand) and converting them into actionable information. It gives you the means to implement an identity resolution strategy by connecting multiple identifiers on devices and touchpoints with data points collected along the way in real time.

This, in turn, allows you to create a connected, omnichannel consumer experience, so that your brand can reach consumers when and where they are most likely to interact along the sales funnel. In a world that has become exclusive and particular, in which 66% of consumers expect a personalized interaction with consumers, Identity 360 provides a reliable customer profile across channels and applications, allowing brands to personalize omnichannel customer interactions to improve customer experiences and increase revenues. It allows companies to connect with more customers at more key moments, establish policies and procedures to take effective action on customer feedback, and invest in the core capabilities needed to collect and act on feedback. Identity 360 enables your customer service employees to deliver exceptional experiences across all channels with unified customer profiles.

They didn't have to work with fragmented customer data across functions, channels, regions and systems to obtain reliable information that would serve or delight the customer in the moment. Business impact translates into higher customer satisfaction scores, 10 to 20% reductions in service costs, 10 to 15% revenue growth and greater employee satisfaction. People don't live or operate in isolation; in fact, 92% of consumers believe more in suggestions from friends and family than in advertising. Understanding the relationships and hierarchies between people and homes provides you with a complete picture of how an individual customer (network, products, services, and more) relate to each other.

Identity 360 helps you identify your influencers, your real home users, and new sales and service opportunities. Identity 360 allows dynamic and contextual profiles to filter noise to help functional groups, such as those in marketing, sales, service and support, find the information they need to make quick, data-based decisions. Identity 360 enables direct contextual marketing to the consumer, which increases business agility, offers high conversion rates and a better return on marketing investments. In general, it helps to make the value chain efficient, improving sales productivity and sales operations, thus increasing sales and achieving objectives. The most effective way for companies to ensure security and compliance with regulations such as the GDPR and the CCPA is from the beginning of the customer experience relationship.

With Identity 360, brands can establish policies to enforce strict rules and rules on data from external systems. They can simplify compliance by using Reltio's Identity 360 to comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations. Brands can also reduce risk by accelerating their ability to detect fraudulent transactions with a single, truthful source for customer data and their transactions across all channels. Customer experience is now a top priority for companies. In addition, the identity of a single person is essential for satisfied and loyal customers who love to interact with your brand.

Reltio Identity 360 can help companies make better and faster decisions with consolidated, clean and connected profiles. Get Identity 360 for free, get started right away and expand as needed. Reltio Identity 360 is available in free, premium and business 360 packages. Consult our package and pricing to select the option based on your company's needs. Soon, your brand will enjoy the benefits of identity resolution and of achieving a connected consumer experience in its omnichannel marketing campaigns. By taking advantage of identity resolution (identity resolution), Identity 360 empowers its brand with clean, connected and consolidated data.

Brands that use identity resolution on their websites see an average 32% increase in anonymous recognition and a 13% increase in conversion after personalizing content and guiding their shopping experience. With identity resolution solutions, it is possible to make complex matches between millions of data points and records in near real time or in real time. Other reasons to use identity resolution include obtaining information about demographic data that can be used for targeted marketing and improving the customer experience. Similarly, retailer FinishLine used LiveRamp's identity resolution solutions in its search and paid shopping campaigns to identify the segments that contained customers who made online and in-store transactions, and send them more powerful offers based on that behavior. Companies use it to establish the identity of a single customer from multiple sources, and it has been used in a variety of industries, including financial services, retail, travel hospitality e-commerce etc. Deterministic identity resolution is used for customer recognition which is the process of associating a person with the data they have provided. However highly segmented personalized marketing is still possible only a strong first-party data strategy and a privacy-focused identity resolution solution are required.

However the identity resolution shows that he frequents the Huffington Post website that he often consults his Weather Channel app and that he spends an excessive amount of time watching television on his Roku. For example Starbucks. Identity resolution is an innovative technique in which it is determined if two entities are the same or different. With strong identity resolution capabilities marketers can easily evolve with these changes and remain relevant. Identity resolution is a process that allows you to link different data which were initially stored as separate records.

Probabilistic identity resolution allows you to reach a lot of people but if you sacrifice accuracy they may not be the people you want to reach. The advantages of identity resolution are numerous: it enables brands to create accurate unified customer profiles; it allows them to personalize omnichannel customer interactions; it helps them detect fraudulent transactions; it helps them comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations; it helps them improve sales productivity; it helps them identify influencers; it helps them make better faster decisions; it helps them increase anonymous recognition; it helps them increase conversion rates; it helps them improve their return on marketing investments; it helps them deliver exceptional experiences across all channels; it helps them reduce service costs; it helps them increase revenue growth; it helps them improve customer satisfaction scores; it helps them increase employee satisfaction; it helps them make complex matches between millions of data points; it helps them obtain demographic data for targeted marketing; it helps them identify segments containing customers who made online or in-store transactions; it helps them send powerful offers based on behavior. In conclusion identity resolution is an essential tool for any company looking for success as it provides numerous advantages such as improved customer experience increased revenue growth reduced service costs improved return on marketing investments and improved security compliance.

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