Unlocking the Power of Identity Resolution

Discover how identity resolution can help your business recognize real people across channels & devices in real time & maximize ROI from marketing.

Unlocking the Power of Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is a powerful tool that enables businesses to recognize and reach real people across channels and devices in real time. It is the ability to recognize an individual person, in real time, by connecting several identifiers of their digital interactions. ID res compares these identifiers across all devices and touchpoints to create a unique customer profile.

Identity resolution

helps you understand your audience, creating rules that sort data and eliminate duplicates, giving you an accurate picture of who your audience is.

You can then use that information to market to potential customers and potential customers. It is important to note that identity resolution providers can use identification graphics that work with different data, combining methodologies and technologies that offer diverse capabilities for expansion, connectivity, accuracy, speed and control. As we have discussed, the goal of effective identity solutions is to achieve truly superior human-based marketing. When the consumer finally verifies their identity through an action, such as paying with a credit card, the coincidence is determined.

Only a sophisticated and well-organized identity character allows marketers to track that person through those touchpoints to transmit the right contextual message. A deterministic approach offers a highly reliable and accurate identity, personality and perspective on an individual consumer. Probabilistic matching models use location data and browsing behavior (making assumptions about a multi-device user based on algorithms) to identify the user's identity. Your goal with an identity resolution system is to create a robust and accurate profile of each individual customer.

Capable of recognizing consumers on digital and offline channels, identity solutions can enable powerful, human-based participation. With the imminent death of the cookie, companies must invest in their own identity resolution solution to stay ahead of the curve. As consumer identities change and evolve rapidly, understanding how to achieve accurate, human-based marketing on digital and offline channels and devices represents a complex challenge for marketers. We work with many companies to establish successful identity resolution systems, and we have identified four elements that have the greatest impact on a successful implementation: A system that allows brands to maintain accurate and quality data; integrate their own, secondary and third-party data; comply with privacy and security legislation; take advantage of market-leading identity resolution capabilities; and link technology.

Identity Resolution is based on an identity resolution platform to combine these disparate data sources into a coherent view of the consumer across devices and platforms. By allowing for more effective marketing programs and better customer experiences, knowledge-based matching or identity graphics uses a set of data from different presentations and representations of a person over time to recognize the real person behind the data points. With the consolidated vision and the level of unified and multi-touch attribution that identity solutions can offer on all channels (the antidote to fragmented and isolated marketing), it is necessary to ensure that a greater ROI is obtained from investment in marketing.

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