Unlocking the Power of Identity Resolution to Improve Customer Insights

Learn how identity resolution can help businesses gain valuable insights into their customers by combining disparate data sources. Discover how identity resolution can provide additional context and details to existing data.

Unlocking the Power of Identity Resolution to Improve Customer Insights

Identity resolution is a powerful tool that can help businesses gain valuable insights into their customers. By combining disparate data sources, it can provide additional context and details to existing data, transforming isolated data into useful customer experiences. With identity resolution, businesses can reach the right people across all channels at the right time, as well as take advantage of social media features that require customers to have an account. Deterministic identifier matching is often the best approach to identity resolution, since it uses own data that customers have produced, but it is only possible when first-party data is available.

We offer the capabilities needed to create personalized customer experiences, improve ad segmentation along with measurement and improve identity verification and anti-fraud solutions by unifying data and applying information at important moments. In a recent report, Forrester described identity resolution as: “The process of integrating identifiers at available touchpoints and devices with contextual, behavioral and transactional information into a consistent and accessible consumer profile for marketing analysis, orchestration and delivery.” Without identity resolution, you wouldn't be able to reconcile known and unknown activity on a user's website. Identity solutions allow you to collect data while respecting privacy and use the resulting information to improve the customer experience and build trust among your customers. True identity resolution goes beyond devices to recognize and understand the person in real time, at the moments that really matter.

What is Identity Resolution Software?

Identity resolution software is defined as software that integrates consumer identifiers across all channels and devices in a precise, scalable and privacy-compatible way to create a persistent and addressable individual profile. If marketers really want to have that unique and elusive view of the customer, they must look inward and familiarize themselves with the basics of identity resolution.

How to Implement Identity Resolution

For a successful implementation of identity resolution, there are several decisions that must be taken and actions that must be taken to prepare a new identity solution. Identity resolution is the ability to recognize an individual person, in real time, by connecting several identifiers of their digital interactions.

Benefits of Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is a valuable practice that can help you understand your target audience on a deeper level and personalize your messages to convert them and make them return. Identity resolution is the way to attribute customer interactions with your company at all touchpoints.

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